Google Zero Gravity Tricks & Pranks (Top 5)

Undoubtedly Google popular all over the world and is the very best search engine. Google yet offers a long listing of services at no cost and continues to be accessible for free since its arrival.

This can be among the motives of its own popularity but it was additionally helped a lot by its manner of professionalism. I will amaze friends and family and ’m now here with top 5 Google Zero Gravity antics & pranks that you can try in your Computer or notebook.


There’s limitations on what all you are able to do on Google but nevertheless you can at least set pranks which I’m mentioning down here & these zero gravitation antics.

Google Pranks & Zero Gravity Tricks

I only care that using these tricks I could get my buddies amazed as quite few of them may understand them although I’m not certain how these zero gravitation antics & pranks functions just.

It could be carried out along and readily with inversion mirror effect you’ll also see components of the Google home page like there’s no gravitation on the web falling down.

To conduct prank & this trick you must check out the link mentioned in the name above and you’ll be experiencing zero gravity effect to Google.

Zero Gravity

In case you do n’t need the zero gravitation to use on the Google home page then and just need the mirror inversion effect you just have to check out the link mentioned in the name and you’ll be observing Google home page components like there’s no gravitation, going down.
Zerg Rush


This kind of trick won’t give whole zero gravitation feel but it is going to somewhat tip the search engine’s home page. You’ll see things and components in somewhat leaning manner and here is the reasons why this trick is attributed as Tilt.

Just search Google with ‘Tilt’ key word and you’ll experience a Google that is leaning.

Google Sphere

That one is prank among these top 5 & the final Google zero gravitation antic and it’s especially the best one.

Now although the very best part is you could still use every feature of Google you must locate a characteristic that is certain in the world.

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